FAQ List

First time using Ur BeautyTutor, no problem!  Schedulling a lesson is quick and easy.  

Once you've selected your tutor, go to the tutors profile, simply click Add details on the Your Request page and then click Learn Now.  Your requested lesson time will be included with your message to the tutor. Your billing information must be on file before you can continue messaging a tutor or schedule your lesson.

Yes! It's easy to join a group. 

Ur BeautyTutor offers group lessons both online and in person.  Simply select the group button after selecting your subject. 

You can access and update your information by logging in at Ur BeautyTutor, or by downloading the app then selecting the Settings link located under the My profile menu. You'll find options to edit your name, email address, password, phone number, and zip code.

All payments are processed through the Ur Beauty Tutor platform.  Payments are fast and secure, so you stay focused on learning!

Once you've sent a message to a tutor for the first time, you must add valid payment information to your account. After each lesson, your tutor will log the details of the session, including the date, start time, and end time. As a Ur BeautyTutor student, you have access to an online account that allows you to view your current balance and all tutoring activity entered by the tutor. Additionally, you will receive an email after each tutoring lesson notifying you of the hours that the tutor enters so you can be sure your account remains accurate. Once this email is sent, there is a 24-hour delay before the charge is processed. If everything is correct, you will not need to take any action; the lesson will be billed to your account.

Direct payments using cash, check, Venmo, QuickPay, or other methods are not permitted at any time.

We want you to learn what you love!  So, If you’re unhappy with a lesson we strongly suggest that you contact the tutor to discuss the issue. If you're unable to come to an agreement with your tutor, you can contact Ur BeautyTutor Customer Support, or email us at: support@urbeautytutor.com 

It's easy!  Log in to your Ur BeautyTutor student account, then click My Account at the top navigation menu.  Then click Transactions. This screen contains all information about your past charges for lessons. 

 A.  It's Free!  Ur Beauty Tutor  is a free marketplace.  Ur Beauty Tutor has created a fair and unbiased beauty educational platform, making it easy for students to find the right tutor based on their individual needs.

A. Tutors on Ur Beauty Tutor.com come from a variety of beauty, barbering, and cosmetology backgrounds and include licensed teachers, salon owners, and industry professionals, and more... To get started, simply complete an online application, upload your professional license or certificates, and a Ur Beauty Tutor staff member will review your application and respond to you within 24-48 hours.

A.  All tutors must be licensed practioners in the area(s)of Cosmetology, Barbering, Onyxology, Esthetics, Massage, Natural Hairstyling, Tatooing,  Permanent makeup, Electrology, Trichology, Dermatology.  Makeup Artisty tutors must have valid certification from makeup coursework completed.   Tutors outside of the USA must  have valid certification from an institute of higher learning with coursework completed in the specific area(s) to be taught.  All  Ur Beauty Tutor tutors must be at least 18 years old, reside in the United States, and possess a valid Social Security Number.  All Ur Beauty Tutor tutor who reside outside of the USA must be 18 years old an posses a valid national identification number. 

A.  Having a profile on Ur Beauty Tutor  makes it easy for beauty students and enthusiasts to find and contact you through a trusted, secure marketplace.  Ur Beauty Tutor will notify you of new beauty tutoring jobs in your area every day!

A. Ur Beauty Tutor  processes all payments, offering students flexible payment options while ensuring you receive payment for your time. After a completed lesson, simply report your time.  Ur Beauty Tutor  will collect payment from your student, deduct Ur Beauty Tutor service fee, and issue your payment by direct deposit. Learn more about Ur Beauty Tutor  service fees.

A. We offer Both! You will be able to offer students in-person as well as online tutoring.  You can choose to tutor small groups online or small groups in person.

A. Your Dashboard contains everything you need to manage your tutoring business. You can stay in contact with your students, apply for jobs, schedule lessons, check your calendar, update your profile, submit subject qualifications, adjust your travel radius, change your availability, opt-in to online tutoring, and more. All important notifications will appear at the top of the Dashboard, and the interface provides easy access to the tools you’ll need to succeed. 

A. To protect you under our Terms of Use and your personal information, all written correspondence with students should be conducted within Ur Beauty Tutor  Messages. We ask that tutors do not share personal email addresses, contact information for social networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), or links to personal or business websites. Communicating with all students through Ur Beauty Tutor Messages helps ensure that both parties are protected under our Terms of Use, should events such as scheduling misunderstandings, pricing questions, lesson cancellations, or payment disputes arise. We can’t provide these benefits if communication between tutors and students takes place outside of the Ur Beauty Tutor platform.  

A. Tutors who are approved to list their services at Ur Beauty Tutor must agree to the Independent Tutor Agreement (ITA), which includes specific information about payment policies and the Platform fee. Ur Beauty Tutor fee varies inversely with the number of lesson hours a tutor accumulates through their Ur Beauty Tutor account (ie. the more lessons a tutor gives, the bigger the percentage that tutor takes). 

Hours Worked   Platform Fee%

 0 – 20                 40

21 – 50              35

51 – 200              30

201 – 400            25

401+                      20